5 Things You Should Not Tolerate From A Jealous Taiwan Girlfriend

Dealing with a jealous taiwan girlfriend may be a bit flattering in the beginning, but as time goes on it can become quite dangerous. Some jealousy can be good, but when it grows out of control, it can threaten your happiness, your peace of mind and your life. When it comes to a jealous taiwan girlfriend, there are some things that you should never have to deal with.

The following list outlines things that you never tolerate from a jealous taiwan girlfriend. If you experience any of these things then you need to rethink your relationship and possibly end things before they get too out of control.

* She is constantly putting you down. If She is always hurling insults at you and it seems that nothing you do is acceptable, She is displaying classic jealousy symptoms. She is trying to make you feel bad about yourself so you think She is the only woman who will ever love you.

* You cannot do anything without reporting to her first. If you no longer have control over what you do then this is a problem. She is stripping you of your identity and She is controlling you.

* She doesn’t trust you at all. No relationship can succeed unless there is trust. If trust is nonexistent then the relationship becomes more about control and loses all sense of love.

* She makes you feel bad if you spend time with anyone other than her. A jealous man may start to use your emotions against you. She will convince you that if you are not with him every day, all day that you don’t love him as you say you do. In an attempt to make him see you do love her, you will likely stop hanging out with friends and family and find yourself with her 24/7.

* She makes you fear losing her. Over time, She will drill it into your head that only She can love you like you need to be loved and if you ever lose her, you cannot find another woman to be with.

Jealousy can go way too far. When a jealous taiwan girlfriend goes from being loving and caring to dominate and controlling, something is wrong. Love should never be about controlling someone else. It should be give and take. Real love isn’t about spending every moment together. It is about cherishing when you are together and being able to trust each other enough to know when you are apart that you will find each other again.