Why Do Taiwanese Girls Want To Have Fair Skin?

The skin whitening phenomenon has fascinated Asian women, not just taiwan girls. The ultimate Asian woman desire: how to have a fair complexion.

Many Asian girls prefer to have white, clear, glowing skin because of Asian ideology that to have a fair complexion is beautiful and attractive. It may seems counter intuitive where European women are pursuing a perfect tan.

Why fair complexion is much sought after by Taiwan women

Asian women especially taiwanese women from taiwan believe that girls who have porcelain skin is more prettier. This is due to the common Asian belief that those who had to work out in the sun all day are of lower working class.

In the past, nobility and upper class taiwan ladies do not have to work and stay indoors. Only poor peasants had to work out in the fields under the hot sun resulting with a tanned complexion. Fair complexion was a symbol of nobility and aristocracy.

While our societies have evolved beyond the social class system, the belief that fair complexion is more beautiful still linger till this day, deeply embedded in our modern culture.

The advantages of Taiwan women with lighter skin tend to get better jobs and more attention from men.

All skin color is beautiful. All taiwan women should love their skin complexion and enhance it with makeup to make them feel more confident.