Why Taiwan Women Are Slim And Thin

Taiwan women unlike western women in the developed countries, most of the Taiwan women are generally skinny. Below are some of the reasons why Taiwan girls are slim and thin.

Due to peer pressure, the trend for Taiwan young women who are in their 20s are likely to be thin compared to American women where obesity rates have doubled since 1980.

As Taiwan society operates largely based on how one fits into the society comfortably and unobtrusively, this behavior totally differ from Western societies where individuality is celebrated.

There is a huge amount of peer pressure to conform and the pressure on Taiwan women to stay slim is tremendous. So much so that Taiwan women are extremely critical of their friends’ weight and they monitor each other closely to see how slim they are.

Taiwan girls’ misconception about overweight
Taiwan women and teenagers always think they are very fat where in fact their daily calorie consumption are often 60% of an average adult’s actual energy intake.

Media influences Taiwan women
Taiwan media, magazines, billboards featuring images of gorgeous, very thin women from the western culture bombard Taiwan women daily. Young Taiwan girls are heavily influenced by American pop culture.